The Arts Society Taunton is one of over 300 societies affiliated to the charity The Arts Society.

We are a very friendly group and would be delighted to welcome you if you are interested in ‘The Arts’ in their broadest form. We enjoy meeting once a month for an illustrated lecture, by first class speakers, each a national or international expert in his or her field who cover a huge range of Arts topics. We arrange trips to places of historical, architectural or artistic interest both at home and abroad.

Our aim is to inform and interest people through the appreciation and study of decorative and fine arts by an extensive lecture and visits programme.

Potential members and visitors are welcome to attend up to 3 lectures as visitors in any membership year for which a charge of £5 per lecture will be made.

Join us...

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Members of Taunton and Taunton Vale Societies may attend each other society's lectures, days of special interest, visits and tours as a right, rather than having to be invited by a member of the other society. For lectures of the other society the membership secretary should be advised that you are coming - details on the web-site. For days of special interest, visits and tours use the application form for that particular event.

Go to the Taunton Vale website to view their lectures, visits and special interest days.